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Park, Parking, Parked

September 18, 2010

The Verb “Park”

One of the new and simple words that have come into our language in recent years is the word “parking.” If you heard anyone mention “parking” 25 years ago, you’d probably consult a dictionary, and then you wouldn’t find any such word, although you would find “park,” and that the word was derived from the Gaelic “paurka,” meaning a field.

The automobile created the verb “park,” and the field or vacant lot in which the machine is stored away is called a “parking place.”

The horse used to be “hitched,” but the automobile called for other treatment. The driver “parked” his car instead of hitching it, and the act was called “parking.”

Now the word has come into more general use. The wife accuses the husband out of work of “parking” too long by the stove. If the elevator boy is off the job for a moment he is suspected of being “parked” alongside the radio. If a fellow gets a good political job he is said to be “parked” at the city hall, and when a poor fellow’s “back it to the wall” at the civic center, his critics tell you that he is “parked” there.

Sheboygan Press (Sheboygan, Wisconsin) Sep 8, 1934

Both images can be found on the Wichita Eagle website in a photo series entitled Old Cars.