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The Pioneers

September 23, 2010

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We talk of times, in times like these,
As if we should be born to ease;
They hewed their houses from the trees.

We talk of tasks, as if our toil
Should take an hour and run in oil;
They dug their substance from the soil.

We talk of needs, as though they meant
The cushions of the indolent;
They plowed and sowed, and were content.

We talk of wealth, as if it would
Make all things possible and good;
Wealth was to them a livelihood.

We talk of times, as if alone
By talking fields are cleared and sown;
We talk of times — they made their own.

(Copyright, 1935, Douglas Malloch)

Sheboygan Press (Sheboygan, Wisconsin) Jun 18, 1935