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Song of the Texas Corn

September 30, 2010


I was dry and dusty;
I was weak and weary;
Now I’m glad and lusty,
And the earth looks cheery.
Oh, the soaking,
Mirth provoking,
Laughter making rain;
Soft and silky,
Mild and milky
Grows my golden grain.

Listen to the laughter
That my leaves are making,
When the wind comes after
Kisses, softly shaking.
Oh, healthgiving,
Breathing, living,Heaven pouring rain!
Come, caress me,
Kiss me, bless me,
Once and once again!

Let your hearts be singing;
Peal your paeans, peoples;
Set the joy bells ringing
In the lofty steeples.
Praises render
To the sender
Of the joyous rain;
Of the living,
The lifegiving,
Of the precious rain.

— John P. Sjolander in Galveston News.

Edwardsville Intelligencer (Edwardsville, Illinois) Aug 24, 1892