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Why Times Were Good

October 6, 2010

Why Times Were Good.

From the Arkansaw Traveler.

“How are times in this neighborhood?” asked a traveler of a native of Anderson county, Kentucky.

“Fust rate.”

“Farmers are in good condition, I suppose?”

“Don’t know that they air.”

“Money, plentiful, then, I presume.”

“No, kain’t say that it is.”

“And yet you say times are good.”

“That’s whut I ‘lowed.”

“When the farmers are not in good condition?”


“And when money is not plentiful?”

“Ah, hah.”

“Well, at that rate, I don’t see how you can regard times as good.”

“I do, fur thar have been six still houses started in this county in four months.”

The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) Apr 23, 1888