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October 13, 2010



An editor says: “A fair young friend of ours recently invited us to imbibe the fragrance of her tu-lips; we did so, with great function, whereupon she boxed our ears, and affected to say she had allusion to a paltry flower of that name. Alas, alas!” (he thereupon moralises) “there is no truth in woman.”

Southport American (Southport, Wisconsin) Jul 11, 1849

Poor Peter Gray

October 13, 2010


by Alfredo Rodríguez (Image from


Peter Gray and Lizzyanny Quirl.

I’ll tell you of a nice young man,
Whose name was Peter Gray;
The State where Peter Gray was born,
Was Pennsylva-ni-a.

This Peter he did fall in love
All with a nice young girl,
The name of her, I’m positive,
Was Lizzyanny Quirl.

When they were going to be wed,
Her father he said, “No!”
And brutally did send her off
Beyond the O-hi-o.

When Peter heard his love was lost,
He knew not what to say —
He’d half a mind to jump into
The Susquehan-ni-a.

But he went trading to the West,
For furs and other skins,
And there was caught and killed and drest
By bloody In-gi-ins.

When Lizzyanny heard the news,
She straitway went to bed,
And never did get up again
Until she di-i-ed.

Ye fathers all, a warning take,
Each one as has a girl,
And think upon poor Peter Gray
and Lizzyanny Quirl.

Daily Free Democrat (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) Apr 23, 1851