Alfred H. Verschell: The First Modern-day Tea-bagger?



Taxpayer’s revenge: one tea bag (used)

EDITOR: The following is a copy of a letter sent to Frank M. Krause, tax collector for the County of Alameda:

Enclosed with a copy of my tax bill for 1975-76 is my consideration to you, as tax collector for Alameda County. You will note that the tea bag is used, as we people outside of government have learned how to be frugal in these times. We just don’t have anyone below us to rip off when our store has been burgled from above.

It was a tremendous thrill to me to receive a tax bill from you which had suddenly doubled and which bore no relation to the taxes on the surrounding properties.

I really appreciate this special consideration, which I can only take as a compliment to my ability to make this residence into a showplace of great value or perhaps a commercial venture earning great returns.

My application for relief from this great compliment has been sent into the Assessors Appeal Board, and eventually our industrious county employes will get to it. In the meantime, I shall hold off paying you until this matter has reached conclusion.

I close, advising you that my fondest hope is that 50 to 100,000 of the taxpayers will treat you to a similar payment, and then perhaps we will see a more efficient government which will be forced to get more mileage out of its “tea bags.”


Daily Review (Hayward, California) Dec 17, 1975

[Teabag emphasis is mine.]

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2 Responses to “Alfred H. Verschell: The First Modern-day Tea-bagger?”

  1. Mark Verschell Says:

    This is my father! I am happy to say that he is still alive and doing quite well, and continuing to harass government morons on the other coast now.

    • mrstkdsd Says:

      I am happy to hear he is still around and doing well! I love his style of holding feet to the fire and making his point. Tell him to never stop!

      Thanks for the comment.

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