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Get Out the Vote – 1894

October 22, 2010

Daily Huronite - Nov 5, 1894


Election one week from Tuesday.
“Revised instructions to voters” — Vote the straight republican ticket.
No matter whose county you are in vote the straight republican ticket this year.
All over the state the “straight republican” ticket is the one that has the people with it.



Publisher - Watertown Kampeskian


“Democrats are republicans this year, in self defense,” says the Codington County Kampeskian.
Common sense is the voting demand of the hour. Have you got as much of it as anybody? Use it then.
“A general republican sweep in Kansas would be worth millions to the state,” says the Kansas City Journal.
Do not rest on your oars one instant because you are sure of election. Business interests demand a big majority.
In Minnesota the Political meetings are not designated as “republican” and “democratic” any more. It is the “business men” against populism.
Down with anarchy! Down with every influence which leads to it! Down with every voice that excuses it! Let free government and safe government go hand in hand.
Idle money and idle men cannot produce wealth. It is not more money, any more than more men, that can start the wheels. What we need is to get what we have to work.

Daily Huronite (Huron, South Dakota) Oct 29, 1894

NOTE: C.H. Englesby served in the State Senate, the State Legislature and as the Adjutant General for South Dakota.

Since Hanner Died

October 22, 2010

The Widowed Farmer.

Since Hanner died the sun don’t shine so bright,
The stars don’t twinkle near so keen at night,
The church bell Sunday mornin’ an’t the cheer
It had when she was here.
Since Hanner died.

The very chickens misses Hanner’s care,
And go ’round with a sorter lonesome air,
There an’t no kind of joy about the place
Without her smilin’ face.
Since Hanner died.

The garden tools hang in the apple trees,
The hossweeds are a-killin’ off the peas;
There’s no one here to hoe the taters now,
Er feed the hogs an’ cow.
Since Hanner died.

I s’pose, of course, I’d orter be resigned,
But when I go out in the shed and find
The ax she chopped the wood with all them years,
I wet it with my tears,
Since Hanner died.

— Robley D. Stevenson, in N.Y. Sun.

The Ohio Democrat (New Philadelphia, Ohio) Oct 4, 1894