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The Spicy Details of a Domestic Sensation

November 4, 2010


Drive Gus Lambert Out of the House With a Broom – A Hamilton Boy’s Marital Experience.

There is a good sized domestic sensation at present exciting no end of gossip in certain circles in the Fifth ward. It will be remembered that about two years ago Gus Lambert, a young machinist, eloped with Miss Marie Catterlin, a very young lady and married her in Covington, in spite of the strenuous objections of the young lady’s parents.

Recently Lambert lost his position and went to live with his wife’s mother. This opened old wounds and it is said she forced him out of the house with a broom.

Lambert is now living with his mother and is highly indignant at his mother-in-law’s treatment.

Hamilton Daily Republican (Hamilton, Ohio) Aug 13, 1894



Mrs. Gustav Lambert Relates A Tale of Woe in a Petition Full of Spicy Details and Sensational Allegations — Gus Kicked on Her Going to Parties, Disliked the Idea of Her Attending Decoration Day Exercises, and is Alleged to Have Indulged in Profanity Without the use of a “Swearing Room.”

Apropos of a recent sensational publication in which Gustav Lambert and his wife figured as the chief actors with an irate mother-in-law in the back ground, Marie M. Lambert today through her attorney, C.J. Smith, filed a suit for divorce. The petition makes spicy reading for those who love to hear of domestic broils.

Plaintiff says she was married to defendant in Covington, Ky., on February 19, 1890, and that no children resulted.

She says that she has at all times been a true, loving and faithful wife, but that he had refused and neglected to provide her with a suitable home, has compelled her to appeal to and receive means from her relatives and friends, to live and pay rent, has refused to furnish her with sufficient food and she says that shortly after her marriage he cursed and swore at her and would invariably curse and swear at her whenever she would visit or call on her friends or attend a party or place of entertainment alone or in company with others.

She says that on May 30, 1894, he damned her and tried to prevent her from attending Decoration services at the cemetery, thus wounding her feelings and humiliating her.

She says that on July 25, 1894, he cursed and swore at her and God damned her, and that when she remonstrated with him for his treatment he said: “God damn you, I will talk with you as I please as long and as I please in that way.”

She says that on August 1, 1894, he cursed and swore at her, seized hold of her in a rough and brutal manner, wounding her feelings and bruising her arm.

She says his continual ill treatment of her has greatly disturbed her peace of mind and impaired her health, wherefore she asks for a divorce, for reasonable and permanent alimony, for restoration to her maiden name of Marie M. Catterlin and for all other proper relief.

Hamilton Daily Republican (Hamilton, Ohio) Aug 29, 1894


From Her Husband, Gus Lambert — sequel to a sensation.

Marie Lambert, nee Catterlin, was this afternoon granted a divorce from her husband, Gus Lambert, on the grounds of gross neglect. This is the sequel to a sensational case.

Hamilton Daily Republican (Hamilton, Ohio) Oct 22, 1894