From Armistice to Veterans’ Day

President Eisenhower signing ceremony the change from Armistice to Veterans’ Day

A New Name for November 11

THE ACTION of Congress in changing the designation of November 11 from “Armistice Day” to “Veterans’ Day” has probably heightened the significance of that date as a time to pause in respect and memory of the valiant deeds of our armed forces in wartime.

Throughout America’s history the strength of the nation has had its finest expression in the willingness of our sons and daughters to give of themselves when the need arises. Their service has preserved the freedom which has become synonymous with America and our way of life. It continues to provide hope and leadership for a troubled world.

It is fitting that on this first occasion known as Veterans’ Day we should all pause in our daily activity to pay high tribute to those who have served their country.

The County-side observance being conducted this year by veterans organizations, guided by the Alameda County Veterans’ Day Commission, the Board of Supervisors, and City Councils, seems most appropriate. The members of the Commission should be complimented for their efforts in establishing a new and enlightened interest among both veterans and the general public.

It is to be hoped that this year’s colorful parade and military demonstrations in Oakland will be but the forerunner of observances to be held in other cities of the County in future years.

Daily Review (Hayward, California) Nov 11, 1954

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