Aunt Elsie’s Paper Doll Contest – 1929

These paper doll drawings from the Oakland Tribune were drawn for a contest the newspaper ran over the course of 2 or 3 years. The top prize was $1.00.

This first ones are Jacko and Jackoline the Jack O’Lantern Twins. They were drawn by Joseph Valente, age 9, one of the youngest winners I ran across, while searching for these paper dolls.

Oakland Tribune – Nov 3, 1929


The Harvest Girl, drawn by Georgia Thanos, age 15, has several clever vegetable outfits:

Oakland Tribune – Nov 24, 1929


Little Bear was drawn by Virginia Boehrer, age 14:

Oakland Tribune – Dec 8, 1929


This next one is for the boys! The artist, Loren Severns, age 15,  did not name his paper doll, so you can name it whatever you want.

Oakland Tribune – Oct 6, 1929

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2 Responses to “Aunt Elsie’s Paper Doll Contest – 1929”

  1. Betty Smith Says:

    When I was about 10 years old, about 1948, I won several prizes for the paper dolls I submitted to Aunt Elsie’s page. I think we used to win coupons for things we submitted. The paper dolls on this page brought back memories!

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