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The Coming Woman

November 17, 2010

Image from the Clothing and Fashion Encyclopedia

I see her turn the corner;
I hear her mannish tread.
I feel an awful presence
That fills my soul with dread.

Great Scott! She’s drawing nearer;
I’ll vanish while I can.
If she’s the coming woman,
Then I’m the going man.

— Judge.

Sioux Valley News (Correctionville, Iowa) Sep 27, 1895

Mary Jane’s Mishaps

November 17, 2010

Mary Jane’s Mishaps.

Poor Mary Jane McWilliams
Is in an awful plight.
She broke her arm this morning
And cracked her leg last night.

One day she fell down cellar
And smashed her nose right in,
And then to make it worser
She scratched her dimpled chin.


She sat down by the fire
And burnt her curly hair
And scalded all her fingers
While she was sitting there.

And after all this trouble
Some bad boys threw a ball
And knocked her eyes and teeth in
And didn’t care at all.

Now, don’t you think she’s suffered,
Poor little Mary Jane?
I scarce can keep from crying,
She’s in such awful pain.

— 8. Jennie Smith in Christian Work.

Newark Daily Advocate (Newark, Ohio) Nov 13, 1894