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Like What?

January 8, 2011


A, is like the meridian — it is in the middle of day.

B, is like a hot fire — it makes oil boil.

C, is like an old maid’s wish — it puts age into a cage.

D, is like a fallen angel — dd it to evil, it makes devil.

E, is like the end of time — it begins eternity.

G, is like wisdom — it is the beginning of greatness and goodness.

H, is like the dying words of Adams — it is the end of earth.

J, is like the end of Spring — it is the beginning of June.

K, is very like a pig’s tail — it is the last end of pork.

L, is like giving away a sweet heart — it makes over a lover.

Alton Telegraph and Democratic Review (Alton, Illinois) Aug 17, 1849