The Last of the Family

Image of  the Church of St. Brynach, Nevern from Geograph.


Maggie was twenty and two years old,
Her heart was cheerful, and brave, and strong,
She’d bright brown eyes that sweet stories told,
And a voice as gay as a pleasant song,
Yet Maggie was left in the world alone,
With six dear names on a churchyard stone.

She often told me about her dead,
With chastened voice, but unclouded brow,
As though from some hold book she read,
Whose writer had grown more holy now.
Yet her laugh rang out in our girlish mirth,
As if there was not a grave on earth!

We parted last on a summer night,
Under a sky like a golden sea,
And as she gazed on the glorious sight,
She softly said: “What must Heaven be!”
I think that angels heard the sigh,
For her morning brightened beyond the sky.

She’d worn her cross as it were a crown,
And lo! a crown did the cross become,
For none to leave in our little town,
Was none to miss in the Heavenly home,
A perfect household before the throne,
And seven names on the churchyard stone.


The Herald and Torch Light (Hagerstown, Maryland) May 28, 1873

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