Yankee Philosophy

Image from LewRockwell.com.

From the Home Journal


Lives there the Yankee, far or near,
Who when his plans “get out of geer,”
Has never said “Wall, I don’t keer,
By golly!”

Who, if he ‘stubs his toe,’ and fall,
Don’t want to swear, but great or small,
Will vent his ire with “darn it all,
By golly!”

The Yankee boy with startling eyes,
When first the ‘elephant’ he spies,
With wonder ‘swows’ and ‘swons’ and cries,
“By golly!”

The youth with jack-knife sharp and stout,
Will try a trade to whittle out.
And shaving query, “what you bout?
By golly!”

The man that’s ‘dickered mor’n a few,’
Will quaintly ask you ‘how d’ye do?’
His story tell and “shore ’tis true,
By golly!”

For the ‘main chance he ever tries,
And thinks that “take things as they rise,
T’would do to be more nice than wise,
By golly!”

With brass enough his way to win,
However much he gets of “tin,”
He “swows” he’ll have “as much again,
By golly!”

But if he lose the luck he had,
May be he’ll get “most proper mad,”
And guess as how, “this ere’s tew bad,
By golly!”

Whate’er he tried, it is his rule,
If once he failed to reach the “gool,”
To rate himself “a tarnal fool,
By golly!”

And so the Yankee “staves along”
Full chisel, hitting right or wrong;
And makes the burden of his song,
By golly!

Rock River Pilot (Watertown, Wisconsin) Aug 23, 1848

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