Chewing Tobacco – An Acrostic

From the Oswego Observer.

C urious thing it is indeed,
H undred thousands chew a weed
E gregious filthy — still how sweet;
W ith some a quid’s a precious treat.
I do not think it — tell you why,
N o swine will chew it — wet or dry!
G reat folks may eat it but not I.

‘T is not an evil think I trow,
O nly me in your mouth to slow —
B ut puff and burn me reason knows,
A s well as put me up one’s nose,
C uts ‘cross the grain, dear man forbear!
C hewed, burnt and snuffed, I do declare,
O ne is too much — but three — O dear.


Alton Observer (Alton, Illinois) Oct 13, 1836

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