Scrambled Valentines

Reno Evening Gazette –  Feb 14, 1919

Since this was a political cartoon, I would say the “Scrambled Valentine” was meant sort of a comic (or Vinegar) Valentine. Since I didn’t get the “joke” for all of them, I looked at some of the news articles to get some insight:

Soda Pop – Booze Houn’ =  Prohibition

League of Nations – For the World  (this one was easy) Nobody wanted it = failure

Bumper Crops – Farmers = Lots of wheat expected, but got higher labor costs, but lower wheat prices

Mister Hohenzollern = Had to abdicate throne, end of German monarchy

Willard – Dempsey – Sport Fans = Dempsey Virtually Wipes Out Willard in One Round

44 hour week – Prosperity – For Labor =  Limit work hours – limit  pay –  Organized Labour/Unions

Food Profiteers – Housewife = Food Shortages caused high prices, government tries to go after profits rather than increase food production

Universal Suffrage – Suffraget = Um… women get to vote? Be careful what you wish for?

Congress – Get Busy! = If Congress is “busy” they are doing bad things “for” the country

Job – Our Soldier Boys = (guessing here) Soldiers back from war – Puts others out of work

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2 Responses to “Scrambled Valentines”

  1. Kelley Wright Says:

    I really think the picture of the soldier does not mean they put others out of work, but just like all soldiers after a war, they came home to no job. This was very true after WW1. Lot of out of work, and disgruntled vets after WW1.
    Overall, I really like this site. Thanks for posting !!!

  2. mrstkdsd Says:

    Kelley, thanks for the comment. I think you are probably correct about the soldiers; I hadn’t thought about it like that.

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