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Our Presidents to the Tune of “Yankeee Doodle”

February 20, 2011

Our Presidents.

The following verses, which were written by J.D. Elder teacher of the Burwood school, were sung to the tune of “Yankee Doodle” at the recent closing exercises of that school. They will be found valuable in helping the children to memorize the names of the Presidents and the order in which they held office.

We publish it by request.

George Washington, first President,
By Adams was succeeded.
Tom Jefferson was next the choice;
The people’s cause he pleaded.
Madison was then called forth
To give John Bull a peeling.
James Monroe had all the go
In the “Era of Good Feeling.”

‘Twas J.Q. Adams then came in
And next came Andrew Jackson,
Who’d licked John Bull at New Orleans
With such great satisfaction.
Then Van Buren took the chair;
Then Harrison and Tyler —
The latter made the Whigs so mad
They thought they’d “bust their biler.”

We then elected James K. Polk;
The issue that did vex us
Was, “Shall we ‘do up’ Mexico
And ‘take in’ little Texas?”
Taylor then got in the chair,
But soon had to forsake it.
Millard Filmore filled it more,
Frank Pierce then said, “I’ll take it.”

Old Jim Buchanan next popped in.
Abe Lincoln then was chosen;
He found the current of events
Was anything but frozen.
Andy Johnson had a time;
The Senate would impeach him,
But as it took a two-thirds vote
They lacked one vote to reach him.

And now we come to U.S. Grant,
The man who fought at Shiloh,
And Hayes and Garfield, who was shot —
They both came from Ohio.
Arthur then the scepter held,
To Cleveland turned it over.
Ben Harrison sandwiches in,
And now again it’s Grover.

The Mountain Democrat (Placerville, California) Jul 1, 1893