An April Fool


When Uncle Robert got his mail
That First-of-April morning
(Now, absent-minded people all,
Just read and take a warning),

Among the business bills and slips,
And cards of invitation,
And friendly notes, he found, at last,
One queer communication.

It took but little time to read —
A moment but to con it:
The two words “April Fool” were all
That could be found upon it.

Then Uncle Robert laughed and said:
“I’ve heard of funny blunders
In superscription and address,
And many puzzling wonders.

“And seen epistles left unsigned,
This goes them all one better;
For here’s a man who signed his name
And forgot to write the letter!”

— Abby F.C. Bates, in St. Nicholas.

The Daily Northwestern (Oshkosh, Wisconsin) Mar 31, 1902

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