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The County Fair

April 26, 2011

Image from the American Gallery website

The County Fair.

The county fair is rife,
And the farmer and his wife
Are there to show the best that they can do;
There are cattle sleek and fat,
Pigs and poultry, and all that,
And of all the grangers take a critic’s view.
There are fruits and vegetables,
Choice preserves with home made labels,
Plants and flowers, floral pieces and boquets;
Patchwork quilts and hand made laces,
Knick-knacks for all sorts of places,
And examples of the latest household craze.
Works of art quite amateurish
There are likewise seen to flourish,
And ceramics also, just as like as not;
But the farmer’s cup of pleasure
Is filled to fullest measure
By the genuine agricultural horse trot.


The News (Frederick, Maryland) Oct 12, 1891