Fools in Massachusetts

Reviving the Blue Laws.

A Massachusetts Court has unearthed the famous Blue Laws, and proposes to enforce them religiously. A worthy Jew closed his store on Saturday and attended faithfully to his devotions at the synagogue, respecting the day as a Sabbath. On the following day he deferred to Christian scruples by allowing his place of business to remain closed; but not having any conscientious scruples of his own in the matter, and there being no Jewish worship to attend, he went fishing.

For this offence against the ancient laws of the Commonwealth he was arrested. At the trial the very learned Court ponderously ruled to the effect that if the accused were a fisherman he might lawfully fish every Sunday in the year and make all the money he could at it; but if he angled for amusement he was guilty of a criminal offense; and as that was what he had done, a fine was imposed upon him, which will doubtless impress upon him the awful guilt of amusing himself on Sunday, which isn’t his Sunday.

S.F. Chronicle.

It is also calculated to impress upon him that the Puritans settled New England. The existence of such laws records the fact that fools have lived in Massachusetts, and the ruling of the Judge will prove that they are not all dead.

Reno Evening Gazette (Reno, Nevada) May 18, 1876

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