The Wrong Room

Image from the Nelson’s Pictorial Guide Book – 1871 (University of Virginia website)


He told his wife that he must have immediate relief or he could not live; thought a mustard draft might relieve him. She hastily robed herself, went down stairs and found the watchman, who admitted her to the dining room, and she spread the mustard from the castor on her handkerchief and hastened up stairs.

Finding the bedroom door ajar, she rushed in, turned down the bed-clothes’ and immediately slapped the mustard draft on the unconscious man’s bowels.

He instantly sprang up in bed and in a strange voice said, “My God! madam, what are you doing?”

She had got it on the wrong man.

We leave the readers to imagine her feelings. She found her own room and in accents of horror told her husband of the facts.

The extreme ludicrousness of the incident sent him into a strong fit of laughter which relieved him as thoroughly as the mustard would have done.

Early the next morning, before many of the guest were up, a man, woman, trunk, bandboxes, etc. left a Salt Lake hotel very unostentatiously. The woman’s name was on the handkerchief.

Reno Evening Gazette (Reno, Nevada) Apr 25, 1876

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