The American Girl

The American Girl.

Our hearts are with our native land,
Our song is for her glory;
Her warrior’s wreath is in our hand,
Our lips breathe out her story.
Her lofty hills and valleys green
Are shining bright before us,
And, like a rainbow sign, is seen
Her proud flag waving o’er us.

And there are smiles upon our lips
For those who meet her foemen,
For glory’s star knows no eclipse
When smiled upon by Women.
For those who brave the mighty deep,
And scorn the threat of danger,
We’ve smiles to cheer, and tears to weep
For every ocean danger.

Our hearts are with our native land,
Our songs are for her freedom;
Our prayers are for the gallant band
Who strike where honor leads them
We love the taintless air we breathe —
‘Tis freedom’s endless dower —
We’ll twine for him an endless wreath
Who scorns a tyrant’s power.

They tell of France’s beauties fair,
Of Italy’s proud daughters;
Of Scotland’s lasses — England’s fair,
And nymphs of Shannon’s waters.
We need not boast their haughty charms,
Though lords around them hover,
Our glory lies in freedom’s arms —
A freeman for a lover!

The Mountain Democrat (Placerville, California) Apr 28, 1855


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