School Will Be the Death of Me


Hanged Himself Rather Than Go Back to School.

Newark, N.J., June 10. — The body of Charles Chadwick, nine years old, who committed suicide by hanging in the cellar of his home, 84 Seventh avenue, rather than go back to school because the principal had threatened to send him to a reformatory, lay in its little white draped coffin in the darkened parlor on the first floor.

Charles was sent home from school because his coat was torn. His sister Cora, aged twelve, went home with him. His mother told him to go back to school. Charles left the house, but returned again at 2 o’clock. He begged his mother not to send him back to school, but Mrs. Chadwick insisted. Once more Charles left the house, and that was the last seen of him until shortly after 9 o’clock in the evening his father found him hanging in the cellar dead.

“If I had only known,” said Mrs. Chadwick, “how much he really feared going back to school I wouldn’t have made him go. He told me that his principal had threatened to send him to a reform school, where he could never see me or his father again until he was twenty-one years old, but I thought it was only an excuse to stay away. Now I know that it was his fear that he would never see me again that made him want to stay at home.”

Adams County News (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) Jun 11, 1910


Mother Sends Him to School and He Commits Suicide.

Newark, N.J., June 9. — The police today declare that the suicide of nine-year-old Charles Chadwick was one of the most carefully planned they ever had to deal with, and marvel that a child of such tender years could have executed it.

The lad had been sent home from school. He told his mother if he were sent back he would kill himself. She laughed at his remark, dressed him anew and sent him back to school.

The boy went to the rear of the house and entered the cellar. There he removed his collar and tie, looped a rope about a beam in the ceiling and deliberately hanged himself.

The Marion Daily Star (Marion, Ohio) Jun 9, 1910

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