The Three Little Kittens

The Three Little Kittens.

Three little kittens in coats so gray
Went out with the Old Mother Cat one day.

Said the first little kitten, “If we only might see
A monstrous great rat, what fun it would be!”

Said the next little kitten, “I’d seize hold of his head
And bite and squeeze him until he was dead!”

Said the third little kitten, “Should I see a rat,
I’d eat him all up in much less time than that.”

Suddenly something jumped out of the wood —
All three turned and ran as fast as they could

And never once stopped till they came to their house,
Yet it wasn’t a rat, but a wee baby mouse.

It was caught and then eaten by Old Mother Cat,
Said the three little kittens, “Now just think of that!”

— New Orleans Picaynne.

Sandusky Register (Sandusky, Ohio) Jun 4, 1894

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Title: Three Little Kittens
Author: Robert Michael Ballantyne
Publisher: T. Nelson, 1859
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