The Lost of the Erie

Image from the Who is John Maynard? website, where there are several newspapers transcriptions related to the burning of the Erie in 1841.

From the Chicago American


Beneath the cold blue wave they sleep,
Their winding sheet the surge,
The winds that o’er the waters sweep,
Sigh mournfully their dirge

The billows roll above each breast,
And rise beneath each head,
And non may seek their place of rest,
Affection’s tears to shed.

And every murmur from the wave,
When by the tempest tost,
Speaks to our hearts, as from the grave,
Of the lamented lost.

August, 1841.


Alton Telegraph and Democratic Review (Alton, Illinois) Sep 11, 1841

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2 Responses to “The Lost of the Erie”

  1. Jamin Wells Says:

    Thanks for sharing! I’m still blown away at the sheer amount of poetry that was written about shipwrecks during the nineteenth century. I posted about another one not long ago here:

    • mrstkdsd Says:

      You’re welcome! My favorite poems are the ones that illustrate historical events. They motivate me to do research and find out more.
      –Going to check out the one you posted right now!
      Thanks for your comment.

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