Through the Tunnel


Riding up from Bangor,
On the “Eastern” train,
From a six weeks’ shooting
In the woods of Maine;
Quite of extensive whiskers,
Beard, mustache as well,
Sat a “student fellow.”
Tall, and fine, and swell.

Empty seat behind him,
No one at his side;
To a pleasant station
Now the train doth glide.
Enter aged couple,
Take the hinder seat;
Enter gentle maiden,
Beautiful PETITE.

Blushingly she falters,
“Is this seat engaged?”
(See the aged couple
Properly enraged,)
Student, quite ecstatic,
Sees her ticket “through,”
Thinks of the long tunnel —
Knows what he will do.

So they sit and chatter,
While the embers fly,
Till that “student fellow”
Gets one in his eye;
And the gentle maiden
Quickly turns about —
“May I, if you please, sir,
Try to get it out?”

Happy “student fellow”
Feels a gentle touch;
Hears a gentle whisper,
“Does it hurt you much?”
Fizz, ding, dong! a moment
In the tunnel quite,
And its glorious darkness,
Black as Egypt’s night.

Out into the daylight
Darts the “Eastern” train;
Student’s beaver ruffled
Just the merest grain;
Maiden’s hair is tumbled
And then and there appeared,
Caught in student’s beard.

The Athens Messenger (Athens, Ohio) Mar 13, 1879

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