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Icarian Fail

November 15, 2011

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The failure of the Icarian community at Corning, in this state, only goes to show that it is powerful hard to invent a clevis with which a dozen families can pull evenly on one plow.

Burlington Hawk Eye (Burlington, Iowa) Sep 12, 1878

A Bloody Tragedy

November 15, 2011

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A Father Kills His Brother for Loving His Daughter.

RICHMOND, (Va.), March 19. — Intelligence has just been received here of a tragedy of an almost unheard-of nature in Chesterfield, ending in the killing of one brother by another. William and John Baker were brothers, the former though quite young, being a widower. It seems that his brother John had a very attractive daughter, and he had fallen violently in love with her. The young lady’s father opposed the suit, and on this account there was some bad feeling between the brothers.

Last night William went to his brother’s house for the purpose of talking to the young lady, and there met her father. A deadly scuffle ensued. The younger brother had a pistol, but the two men clutched together in such a close embrace that he could not cock it, and dropped it to get hold of his knife. His brother had in the meantime whipped out his own knife, for both were well armed. John then stabbed his brother fatally, before the latter could injure him seriously.

The unfortunate young man fell upon the floor, which was dyed with his blood, the furniture was spattered, for the struggle had been a desperate one, and the men in their tussle for life had rolled all over the room. When the daughter rushed into the apartment a horrible sight met her gaze. Her lover-uncle was gasping in the throes of death upon the floor, a revolver lying close by, while his hand still clutched his bowie-knife. Her father, covered with his own and his brother’s blood, had staggered against the wall, where he stood, ashy pale, and so weak that he had to clutch a chair for support.

The terrible tableau was completed by the young lady falling in a swoon, her dress trailing in the blood of her father and uncle. Both men were popular, and the terrible tragedy causes general regret.

The Daily Miner (Butte, Montana) Mar 26, 1882