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Fire Ghost on a Pole

November 16, 2011

Image from Vintage Coleman Lanterns


The Iowa Sensational Ball of Fire Mystery Solved.

IOWA FALLS, Ia., Feb. 25. — The “fire ghost” mystery has been solved. George Blake, on whose farm the strange light first made its appearance, has written a confession to the editor of the Ackley Phonograph, acknowledging the perpetration of a bugaboo on the people of his neighborhood that attracted attention throughout this entire section.

The light, when first seen, was carried by a hired man, who was out in the field after dark, and the appearance of a light in an unfrequented place at such a time excited the beholders, and it at once became the talk of the neighborhood.

Blake saw a chance to have some fun and carried out the plan by fastening a lantern to a pole, which was manipulated at the pleasure of the supes behind the scenes.

Daily Huronite (Huron, South Dakota) Feb 26, 1895