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Boilermaker’s Brawl

November 20, 2011


Fierce Fight Between Union and Non-Union Boilermakers at St. Louis — Several Seriously Injured.

ST. LOUIS, Aug. 8. — The rotunda of the St. James, one of the principal hotels of the city, was a scene of riot and bloodshed last evening, in which forty men were engaged. The contestants were union and non-union boilermakers. Twenty-five brawny union emn marched to the front of the hotel and immediately opened battle on the sixteen non-union workmen quartered there. It was give and take on the hot fashion with fists until the sixteen were forced to retreat to the rotunda. Here the battle was renewed with chairs and cuspidors. Knives and pistols were at last drawn. Clerks, guests and bystanders beat a retreat and pandemonium reigned.

Image from the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers website

At this juncture the arrival of a squad of police put most union men to flight and the struggle ended. Six arrests were made. Of the forty men engaged fully one-half were injured, some of them seriously. One month ago 1,000 boiler makers demanded ten hours pay for nine hours time and went on strike. The John OBrien Company secured sixteen non-union men and they were put to work Friday. Overtures from the union to the new men were unsuccessful and the appeal to force followed.

New Castle News (New Castle, Pennsylvania) Aug 9, 1893