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Fixing the Blame

November 27, 2011

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Fixing the Blame

If women do not
Go and do
Their Christmas shopping
And get through,
And get of things
The first and best
And give the clerks
A chance to rest
Before the last
Grand rush occurs,
‘Tis not the woman’s
Fault — not hers!
It is because the
Stingy mug
She married likes
To keep and hug
His wad till the
Last day he can —
Doggone that kind
Of married man!
For him no clerk
Will say a pray’r,
For him no one
Will have a cure.
For him no Christmas
Bells shall ring,
For him no children
Gladly sing;
He sadly through
This life shall plod
Afraid that some one
Wants his wad!
Oh, if you are
A married man
Now is the time
To tie a can
To stinginess!
It is your loss
If you don’t dig up.
Come across,
And hand ya bundle
To your frau,
And tell her: “Do
Your shopping now!”

— Houston Post.

New Castle News (New Castle, Pennsylvania) Dec 10, 1910