{For the Tribune.}

WHO CARES what the people think
Of my religious views.
While I survive, or swim, or sink,
I’ll claim the right to choose.

So if I’ve sense the truth to see,
I want nor need a Priest.
Can stand erect, in manhood free,
And with my Master feast.

WHO CARES if Priests should reprobate,
And curse me with a frown,
I will defy both Church and State,
And live their malice down.

WHO CARES what the Church folks say,
About the dress I wear;
They for my soul had better pray
That I for Heaven prepare.

WHO CARES for the revilers talk,
Who lap from slanders bowl,
While I pursue a Godly walk
And purify my soul.

WHO CARES if the rich deride
And sneer because I’m poor,
They may brought down in their pride
And beg from door to door.

I CARE for all that makes men good
For all that makes them wise,
And I am sure that if I could
I’d raise them to the skies.

The naked clothe, the hungry feed,
The thirsty, water give.
I’d satisfy man’s every need,
And have him love and live.

Philanthropy shall rule my life,
Good will to God and man,
and in a pure and manly strife
Reach Heaven IF I CAN.

— M.R. HULL.

Cambridge City Tribune (Cambridge City, Indiana) Dec 16, 1869

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