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‘Bout Christmas

December 10, 2011


The kindling’s all cut and the basement swept,
And everything’s where it should be kept;
In lessons he’s most perfected,
Does other things least expected.
That’s my son
On the run
For his dad
‘Bout Christmas.

I have never to look for coat or hat,
Neither to wonder where’s this or that,
My ties hang neatly on the rack,
And my soiled linen’s in the sack.
That’s my girl,
She’s a pearl
For her dad
‘Bout Christmas.

— M.F.S.

Appleton Post Crescent (Appleton, Wisconsin) Dec 24, 1924

Amarillo Daily Globe (Amarillo, Texas) Dec 10, 1941

They Used to Travel Under Another Name

December 10, 2011

Telegram –

To the Mayor of the next town — Will be with you for dinner, overnight and breakfast.



Abilene Morning News (Abilene, Texas) Dec 1, 1932