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I Ain’t Dead Yet

January 6, 2012


Time was I used to worry an’
Sit around and sigh
And think with every ache I got
That I was going to die.
I’ve seen disaster coming from
A dozen different ways
An’ prophesied calamity and dark
And dreary days.
But I’ve come to this conclusion
That it’s foolishness to fret;
I’ve had my share o’ sickness —
But I ain’t dead yet.

I’ve found a thousand failures and
A thousand deaths I’ve died,
I’ve had this world in ruins
By the gloom I’ve prophesied,
But the sun shines bright this morning
And the skies above are blue,
And with all my grief and trouble
I have somehow lived it through.
There may be cares before me
Much like those that I have met,
Death will come some day and take me —
But I ain’t dead yet.


Decatur Herald (Decatur, Illinois) Oct 24, 1929