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Sweet ‘n’ Sour

January 11, 2012

Image from Flickriver – Daguerreotype

Some rascally wag poetizes as follows, on the marriage of Miss Jane Lemon to Ebenezer Sweet:

How happily extremes do meet
In Jane and Ebenezer;
She’s no longer sour, but Sweet,
And he’s a Lemon-squeezer.

The Berkshire County Eagle (Pittsfield, Massachusetts) Jun 18, 1858

Mathematical Matrimony

January 11, 2012

Image from Blig Blug and Friends

Mathematical Matrimony

Ephriam: “Whut you all call it when a girl gits maried three times — Bigotry?”

Mose: “Lawsy, boy, you suttenly am a ignoramus. Why, when a girl gits married two times, dat am bigotry, but when she tries it three times, dat am trigonometry.”

— Successful Farming.

Decatur Herald (Decatur, Illinois) Oct 24, 1929