February, I Thank Thee in Advance


February — fortnights two —
Briefest of the months are you,
Of the winter’s children last.
what do you go by so fast?
Is it not a little strange
Once in four years you should change
That the sun should shine and give
You another day to live?
Maybe this is only done
Since you are the smallest one,
So I make the shortest rhyme,
For you, as befits your time;
You’re the baby of the year,
And to me you’re very dear,
Just because you bring the line,
“Will you be my Valentine?”

– Frank Dempster Sherman in Exchange.

The Daily Northwestern (Oshkosh, Wisconsin) Feb 4, 1899


Month of the valentine,
Month of the frosted pain;
Month of the groundhog and
Of snow on hill and plain;
Month of the lengthening days —
Thrice welcome and thrice dear —
Come sit before the blaze
And help us make good cheer.

Month of the chilling winds
That howl across the waste;
Oh, sharp and soulless month,
When Jack Frost must be faced —
Month of the frozen pipes,
Thrice welcome and thrice dear —
For the simple reason that
You’re the shortest of the year.

— Exchange.

The Daily Northwestern (Oshkosh, Wisconsin) Feb 6, 1899


Not many love thee, February,
By few thy praise is sung;
While thousand cherish Maytime merry,
And June’s on every tongue.

Half like thy brother stern before thee,
And half like March, so rude,
Soon sped withal, bards quite ignore thee,
Or chant with listless mood.

And yet, my February, dearly
I prize thy four brief weeks;
Thy many an early sign that clearly
Of days still distant speaks.

I love thee for each certain token
That gleams ‘mid melting snow;
Each sure hint of the summer spoken
In kindlier winds that blow.

I scent e’en now the roses’ savor,
I see yon green expanse;
And, as men own some future favor,
“I thank thee in advance.”

— Ladies’ World.

The Daily Northwestern (Oshkosh, Wisconsin) Feb 18, 1899

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