Each Man to his Trade

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Each man to his trade, ev’ry tool to the hand,
For which it was made — for so heaven has planned.
Each man has the bent and each woman the art
For which they were meant, as a player his part.

Yea, driving a team, or contriving a song,
Or bridging a stream, or just plowing along,
Each life has its course — but how often we drift? —
Even riding a horse is a natural gift.

So if it be high, or by chance it be low,
The matter that I and that you need to know,
Is what is our task, and the way to excel —-
Our duty to ask, and then do it as well.

And if it be low, or by chance it be high,
What maketh it so isn’t popular cry.
But whether our best to our labor we bring,
For that is the test of the man and the thing.

Each man to his trade. I am certain, my son,
That a gear that is made as it ought to be done
Is of worthier sort than a law that is wrong,
Or a measure too short or a sermon too long.

(Copyright, 1921, by the McClure Newspaper Syndicate.)

New Castle News (New Castle, Pennsylvania) Apr 25, 1921

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