Makin’ of a Man

The Makin’ of a Man.

I’ve been readin’ of a book that’s called “The Makin’ of a Man.”
A-spellin’ through its pages an’ a-gettin’ at its plan;
An’ I think the man what writ it is a preacher — name o’ Lee
That endurin’ the collection says, “Salvation’s full and free.”

Now, the makin’ of a man might be jes’ what he makes it out,
But still, ‘t’aint that away to me with folks that’s hereabout;
An’ I’m in’ fer diagreein’ an’ objectin’ to his plan,
An’ I’m goin’ to tell you feller what’s the makin’ of a man!

Fust off, the best part of him, an’ the main spring of his life,
Is that sweet bunch o’ calico an’ roses, called “a wife,”
An’ then, the next best thing to me — I’ll make my meaning clear:
Is what them city fellers call the hotel “bill o’ fare!”

Fust,, thar’s your hog and hominy — you can’t lose isght o’ that —
Your bacon in the smokehouse, with a streak o’ lean an’ fat!
Your taters an’ your punkins, on the good old country plan —
Them’s what I think, my brotherin, is the makin’ of a man!

That’s what! I guess the preacher I’m agiving of a rub,
Had dinner ‘fore he writ his book an’ kinder skipped the grub!
But you jes’ hear me talkin’, and you’ll kinder think my plan,
Which takes in hog an’ hom’ny, is the makin’ of a man!


The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) Apr 26, 1893

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