Wait for It

Image from Old Airplanes and Other Aircraft Pictures (from the library of Larry Brian Radka)

Wait for It.

It’s coming, oh, it’s coming —
The conquest of the air —
And man will very shortly
Be flying here and there.
A regular bird of passage,
His walking days outgrown,
He’ll travel where he pleases
And flit from zone to zone!

How very fine and lovely
To spread your wings and flap
To any clime or country
That’s listed on the map.
Then, having rested
And gossiped with the men,
To buckle on your harness
And sail right home again!

The auto, now so haughty,
Will then be throwing fits
As toward the sky it gazes
To where the airship flits.
The horse will view the wonder
And in derision neigh
Because at last his rival
Is more or less passe.

It’s coming! If you listen
Intently, you may here
The flapping of its pinions
As it is drawing near.
All other locomotion
Will then be voted slow.
It’s coming, yes, it’s coming,
But when I’d like to know.

— Duncan M. Smith.

New Castle News (New Castle, Pennsylvania) Apr 11, 1916

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