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Grierson’s Raid

March 13, 2012



Who has not heard of Grierson’s Raid,
And the feats of valor therein displayed?
‘Twas a brave, bold dash through the hostile land
That scattered terror on every hand,
Making the rebel heart afraid
At the daring valor of Grierson’s raid!

Over their mountains and over their plains,
The rider his galloping courser strains;
His sword gleams bright in the foeman’s face,
And ruin follows his onward pace;
While eyes are sad and hearts dismayed
At the terrible scourge of Grierson’s raid.

Through their cities and over their streams
The flag of the Union once more gleams;
There’s a curse on the air, but in under breath,
As the troopers go’on their work of death;
Like lightning flashes each loyal blade
To light the path of Grierson’s raid.

Onward, yet onward, oh, who may stay
The fiery tide of this fearful day?
It sweeps like a tempest along his path,
And whelms the rebel in vengeful wrath;
The smoking bridge shows war’s fierce trade,
And fire and ruin mark Grierson’s raid.

Onward, yet onward, the blazing roof
Echoes in flame to the cavalry hoof;
And fleeing forms in the midnight air,
Revealed by the war-pyre’s ruddy glare,
Tell the story, in fear displayed,
Of the woful, terrible Grierson’s raid.

Onward, yet onward, unholden the rein,
Till the Union lines are compassed again,
Where a meed of grateful honors is due
For the troopers bold, and tried, and true;
And history never has deed portrayed
That brighter shines than Grierson’s raid.

And rebel mothers their children shall tell
Of the sudden fear that on them fell,
When, swooping down like a bird on its prey,
The Federal troopers came that way, —
A sad recital as ever was made,
The memories dire of Grierson’s raid.

The Berkshire County Eagle (Pittsfield, Massachusetts) Jun 18, 1863

Grierson image from Dennis Keating’s  article, Grierson’s Raid, at the Cleveland Civil War Roundtable