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A Hundred Years Ago

March 18, 2012

Image from Votaries of Horror


Where are the birds that sang
A hundred years ago?
The flowers that all in beauty sprang,
A hundred years ago? —
The lips that smiled,
The eyes that wild
In flashes shone
Soft eyes upon —
Where O where are lips and eyes
The maiden’s smile, the lover’s sighs,
That were, so long ago?

Who peopled all the city streets
A hundred years ago?
Who filled the church with faces meek,
A hundred years ago?
The sneering tale,
Of sister frail,
The plot that work’d
Another’s hurt —
Where, O where are plots an sneers,
To a poor man’s hopes the rich man’s fears
That were so long ago?

Where are the graves where dead men slept
A hundred years ago?
Who whilst living, oft times wept
A hundred years ago? —
By other men,
They knew not then
Their lands are tilled,
Their homes are filled,
Ye Nature then was just as gay
And bright the sun shone as to day,
A hundred years ago?

Tioga Eagle (Wellsboro, Pennsylvania) Jan 31, 1849