The Rights of Women

Image from Assumption College


“The rights of women,” what are they?
The right to labor and to pray,
The right to watch while others sleep,
The right o’er others’ woes to weep;
The right to succor in distress,
The right while others curse, to bless;
The right to love whom others scorn,
The right to comfort all that mourn;
The right to shed new joy on earth,
The right to feel the soul’s high worth,
The right to lead the soul to God,
Along the path her Saviour trod —
The path of meekness and of love,
The path of faith that leads above,
The path of patience under wrong,
The path in which the weak gets strong;
Such women’s rights, and God will bless
And crown their champion’s with success.

Tioga Eagle (Wellsboro, Pennsylvania) Mar 28, 1849

Rena Goff animated image from the Historic Cooking School website


Permit us to say, to those mothers who interest themselves in the education of their children, be assiduous early to implant domestic tastes in the minds of your daughters. Let your little girl set by your side with her needle. Do not put her from you when you discharge those employments which are for the comfort of the family. Let her take part in them as fast as her feeble hand is capable. Teach her that this will be her province when she becomes a woman. Inspire her with a desire to make all around her comfortable and happy. Instruct her in the rudiments of that science whose results are so beautiful. Teach her that not selfish gratification, but the good of a household, the improvement of even the humblest dependent, is the business of her sex. When she questions you, repay her curiosity with clear and loving explanations. When you walk out to call on your friends, sometimes take her with you; especially, if you visit the aged, or go on errands of mercy to the sick and poor, let her be your companion. Allow her to sit by the side of the sufferer, and learn those nursing services which afford relief to him.

Associate her with you. Make her your friend. Purify and perfect your own example for her sake. And while you mingle with domestic training, and with the germ of benevolence, a knowledge of the world of books, to which it will be a sweet privilege to introduce her, should not be able not to add a single fashionable accomplishment, still be continually thankful in shielding her from the contagion of evil example.

Image from the Dickinson Journal


Trust not to uncertain riches, but prepare yourself for emergency in life. Learn to work, and not be dependent upon servants to make your bread, sweep your floors, and darn your stockings. Above all things, do not esteem too lightly those honorable young men who sustain themselves and their parents by the work of their own hands, while you care for, and receive into your company those lazy, idle popinjays, who never lift a finger to help themselves so long as they can keep body and soul together, and get sufficient to live in fashion.

Young women, remember this, and instead of sounding the purses of your lovers, and examining the cut of their coats, look into their hearts and habits. Mark if they have trades, and can depend upon themselves; see if they have minds which will lead them to look above a butterfly existence. Talk not of the beautiful white skin and the soft delicate hand — the fine appearance of the young gentlemen. Let not these foolish considerations engross your thoughts.

Tioga Eagle (Wellsboro, Pennsylvania) Mar 28, 1849

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