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That Old Car Of Mine

March 30, 2012

Image from Classic Cars .Net

That Old Car Of Mine

By Oliver Rutter

There’s a whiz and a bang to my fitful old car
when I finally decide to ride,
As it is there’s a pang of best judgment by far
That I really should run and hide,
Though I tug at the levers and turn on the gas —
And think I can drive it like a consummate ass,
Yet the people all crowd in a clamoring mass
And police and the dogs even bark as I pass.
I buy wires, I buy tires, I buy patches galore,
‘Till the old roll wakes up with a scar,
How it ires, how it tires when the old garage door
Won’t admit all I buy that old car.
what with jacks and batteries and varnish and paint
To make it look decent, though my wife says it ain’t,
While the cost of adjustments and lights make me faint —
Oh I love your old car, but you sure tempt a saint.

With a wheeze and a sneeze it will come to a stop
In the middle of a railroad track.
Though I squeeze all I please the old engine to flop,
I must get out and push with my back,
And when flagging the passers they give me the laugh,
While I swear and I cry like a blubbering calf,
‘Till a tire blows up an this giving the gaff
Should end my sad story, but its not even half.

With a sniff and a snuff I start out for a phone
To call wreckers, or something like that.
What’s the dif, its enough to make a nanny moan
To be in a condition like that.
Now there are cars many and of more noble bore
That may be prettier and not cost any more,
Dear old car I love you with a love to the core
And when I am rested I will come back for more.
Now its done I must run up the mountain on high,
Just to see if ti’s going to last.
If the son of a gun will keep going I’ll try
To forget I have ever been gassed.
By the cling of the bug I believed was a car
So endeared to my soul by a bruise or a scar
And while I am doubtful, I won’t miss very far
In guessing I’ll finally be brought to the bar.

Morning Herald (Uniontown, Pennsylvania) Apr 4, 1935

Assassination Attempt – 1981

March 30, 2012

Reagan ‘Exceptionally Good’ Today

Doctors Say He’s Fit To Be In Command

AFTER REAGAN ATTACK — Timothy J. McCarthy, Secret Service agent, foreground, Thomas K. Delahanty, a Washington policeman, center, and Presidential Press Secretary James Brady, background, lie wounded on a street outside a Washington hotel Monday after shots were fired at President Reagan. (AP Laserphoto By Ron Edmonds)

The Gettysburg Times (Gettsyburg, Pennsylvania) Mar 31, 1981

WHERE REAGAN WAS WOUNDED — Map locates downtown Washington hotel where President Ronald Reagan was wounded Monday as he left a speaking engagement. The president was conscious and in stable condition in George Washington University Hospital. (AP Laserphoto Map)

The Gettysburg Times (Gettsyburg, Pennsylvania) Mar 31, 1981


REAGAN SHOT — Diagram shows approximate path of bullet that was fired at President Reagan during an assassination attempt Monday outside the Washington Hilton Hotel. (AP Laserphoto)

SITE OF ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT — Photo diagram highlights logistics of President Reagan and others during the assassination attempt on the president outside the Washington Hilton Hotel Monday. (AP Laserphoto)

SUSPECT IN ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT — John Warnock Hinckley, Jr., was arrested Monday in an attempt to assassinate President Ronald Reagan outside the Washington Hilton Hotel. From left: a 1972 Highland Park, Texas, high school yearbook photo, a 1974 Texas Tech University yearbook photo, 1981 Colorado Highway Department photo. (AP Laserphoto)

The Gettysburg Times (Gettsyburg, Pennsylvania) Mar 31, 1981


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THEY WERE TARGETS — Eight United States presidents have been the targets of assassins. A deranged house painter tried to kill President Andrew Jackson in 1835. President Abraham Lincoln was killed by John Wilkes Booth. President James Garfield was mortally wounded by a disgruntled job seeker. President William McKinley was killed by Leon Czolgosz, an anarchist factory worker. (AP Laserphoto)

THERE WERE TARGETS — President-elect Franklin D. Roosevelt escaped an attempt on his life in 1933. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald on Nov. 22, 1963. President Gerald Ford escaped two attempts on his life in September, 1975. Monday President Ronald Reagan was wounded by John W. Hinckley, Jr. (AP Laserphoto)

The Gettysburg Times (Gettsyburg, Pennsylvania) Mar 31, 1981