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They Say

April 15, 2012


“They say,” tells that which is not true, at least three quarters of the time. He is about the worst authority you can produce to support the credibility of your statement. Scarcely was there ever a suspicious report put in circulation, but this Mr. They Say was the author of it; and he always escapes responsibility and detection, because, living just nowhere, he can never be found.

Who said that Mr. E., the merchant, was supposed to be in a failing condition? Why, “they say” so.

On what authority do they affirm that neighbor F. has been in bad company? Why, “they say” so.

Is it a fact that Miss G. is not so chaste and circumspect as she should be? — Why, “they say” so.

Plague on this Mr. They Say; he is a half-brother to that Mr. Nobody, who always does all the mischief, and who lives nowhere, but in the invention of those who, undeserving respect themselves, are desirous to pull down others to their own level. We always suspect the truth of a report which comes from the authority of “They Say.”

The Adams Sentinel (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) Aug 27, 1849