The Wanton Calf

The Wanton Calf: — A Fable.

From Harper’s for June.

A Calf, full of Wantonness and Play, seeing an Ox at the Plow, could not forbear insulting him.

“What a sorry, poor Drudge are you,” said he, “to bear that heavy Yoke and go turning up the Ground for a Master! See what a happy life I lead,” he added, when at evening the Ox, unyoked, and going to take his rest, saw him, hung with Garlands, being led away by the Flaman, a venerable man, with a fondness for Veal Pot-Pie.

Moral. — This Fable teaches us that Young People had better stick to the Farm, and not study for a Learned Profession unless they are fully aware of what it means.

The Standard (Albert Lea, Minnesota) Jun 15, 1882

Possible definition for FLAMAN ( A priest, especially of an ancient Roman deity.

More from Britannica Concise Encyclopedia (via

Chosen from the patrician class and supervised by the pontifex maximus (chief priest), they offered daily sacrifices and led strictly regulated lives.

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