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Driver of a Night Lunch Robbed

April 24, 2012

Image from the Culinary Arts Museum

Driver of a Night Lunch Robbed and Roughly Treated.
Pounded Victim on the Head With Revolver to Secure Diamond Ring.

Providence, April 25. — A holdup occurred this morning in the center of the city, and upon one of the main thoroughfares, brilliantly illuminated by are lights and traversed by those coming in from the country with milk and produce.

The victim was Thomas Havens, proprietor of a night lunch cart. He started for home at 3 o’clock this morning, and at 3.15 was slowly driving up Promenade street. As he stood looking out the front window of his cart he noticed three men  standing on the sidewalk. When he was abreast this group, one of the men seized the horse by the bridle.

Havens used his whip on the horse, but the highwayman had made sure of his grip, and as he held the horse fast the other two men opened the side door of the cart and jumped in. All the men wore handkerchiefs over their faces and each had a loaded revolver.

Havens was made to hold up his hands, and as he did so one of the gang went through his pockets and took a gold watch and chain valued at $125 and a roll of $20 in bills.

Then the highwaymen attempted to force a diamond ring from his finger. In doing so they pulled his hand down, and one of the gang, thinking that Havens was about to offer resistance, struck him on the forehead with the butt of his revolver.

The victim was then told to lie down and give up his ring. This he did, and the highwaymen left him.

When he thought he could safely do so Havens drove to the sixth police station, and made a complaint. IT was then nearly 4 o’clock.

The police were sent out and obtained a slight clew. Two of the highwaymen were seen on Atwell’s avenue, and the other on Harris avenue. This, it is believed, will lead to the identification of the men, as the person who saw them gives a good description of all three.

Portsmouth Herald (Portsmouth, New Hampshire) Apr 26, 1899