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Wets and Drys

April 27, 2012

Image from Vintage Vault

The Drys all like
A game of bridge,
And Wets are strong
For Beveridge.

Ironwood Daily Globe (Ironwood, Michigan) Jun 8, 1920

The Highland Tartan

April 27, 2012

Image from Clan Shaw


Bear to each Highland soldier’s heart
The Tartan of his clan,
Symbol of glory and of pride
To every Highland man,
Whether he dwell ‘mid Athole’s hills,
Or where the winding Tay,
By Birnam’s glens and forests fair,
To ocean wends its way;
Or nearer to the northern star,
Where snows the mountain crown,
And towering over silver lakes,
Stern peaks of granite frown.

In every country, far or near,
Where Highland men are known,
The Tartan plaid is greeted still
With homage all its own.
Still to the Pibroch’s stirring strains
On many a foreign shore,
The Highland clans press nobly on
To victory, as of yore.
True to traditions of the past,
True to their ancient fame,
May Caledonia’s children add
Fresh glories to her name.

–[Blackwood’s Magazine.

The Standard (Albert Lea, Minnesota) Mar 16, 1882