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The Society Young Man

April 29, 2012


There isn’t much in him, ’tis true;
But his eyes they are porcelain blue,
And his hands — oh, such loves!
With their delicate gloves,
That are always an exquisite hue!

But one thing about this Le Clare,
With the perfumed ambrosial hair,
That makes him the pride
Of his set far and wide,
Is his witching society airs!

He lacks a man’s inches in height,
But his linen is faultlessly white,
And the grace of his “tie,”
As he goes mincing by —
It would put a mere artist to flight!

His soft little heart knows no care;
He is fond, he is sweet, he is fair’
His voice has a squeak,
For its timbre is weak;
But, oh, my! his society air?

As he journeys through fashion’s gay street,
So small are his dear little feet,
With his feminine “three,”
Which he wears with such ease,
That his walking is something complete!

The charming Adolphus Le Clare,
Who parts in the middle his hair,
Ne’er racks his poor brains
With deep thought yet sustains
His witching society air!

The Standard (Albert Lea, Minnesota) May 25, 1882

Blue Blood

April 29, 2012


Two centuries and a half ago
Off trudged to work with shouldered hoe
A woman, barefoot, brown and rough,
With pluck of Puritanic stuff.
Six lusty children tagged behind,
All hatless, shoeless, unconfined,
And happy as the birds that flew
About them. Naught of books they knew,
Save one they read at twilight hour,
Brought with them in the stanch Mayflower.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *

A pretty lady, thin and white
In a hammock swinging light,
Languishes, and in the shade
Devours rhyme and lemonade;
While bending near, her lover sighs
And gently fans away the flies.
She murmurs: “‘Tis so nice that we
Are neither of low family,
But of old Puritan stock
That landed upon Plymouth Rock.”

— Harvard Lampoon.

Freeborn County Standard (Albert Lea, Minnesota) May 4, 1882