Song of the Bald-Headed Man

Image from Philosophy and Philosophers in Art


Great Caesar’s classic head was bare,
And likewise Socrates’s;
Peter and Paul were forced to wear
Thin capillary fleeces;
Shakespeare, earth’s literary king,
And Johnson, Pope and Gibbon,
Being short of hirsute covering,
Wore wigs tied deft with ribbon.

Image from NNDB – Danton Profile

But Achan, J. Iscariot,
Ananias (of trust chary),
Herod, the Pharisees I wot,
All sported caputs hairy;
Later came Danton, Robespierre,
And Marat, bloody trio;
Guy Fawkes and Jeffries, Glencoe, Stair,
Thick-thatched, like fiddling Nero.

Image from Amazing Trinidad Vacations – Cannibal Stories

Nor will the eye, in sooth, oft see
Bald Hottentot or Arab,
Kamchatkan, aborigine,
Kurd, or man-eating Carib;
Nay, nay, but of the human breed,
The greater in earth’s story,
Are those who lead in thought and deed,
Crowned not with hair, but glory!

— Munroe Guy Carlton in New York Sun.

Oakland Tribune (Oakland, California) Nov 18, 1905

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