God Bless the Mothers

Written for the DAILY LIGHT.

“Personal abuse is not argument, and any reference, or vile allusion to the noblest and grandest creation of God, ‘THE MOTHER’ of man, will not be permitted in the LIGHT.

April 17,, 1896.

I read those lines and like them well,
They have an honest ring,
That’s worthy to be writ in gold,
And forms a theme to sing.
If there is on the earth a name,
That’s dearer than another,
And wakes my soul, with fire intense,
It is the name of MOTHER.

I know the hand that penned those lines,
And know his loving heart,
And well i know that as a son,
He plays a faithful part.
A man that well his mother loves,
I’ll take to heart as brother,
For he’s not bad who truly loves
And nurtures well his MOTHER.

I have a mother far away,
And, Oh! I lover her well,
Far dearer than I e’er can say,
For words, they fail to tell.
Thus I respect all women true,
But more than any other,
Is she that lives a stainless life,
And bears the name of MOTHER.

Curse on the man who would defile,
That dearer, sweeter name;
Or who by thought, or word, or deed,
Would seek to it defame.
When mother is assailed I can’t
My indignation smother,
And I say, with you, God bless the name —
That deal old name of MOTHER.


CITY OF MEXICO, April 23, 1896.

San Antonio Light (San Antonio, Texas) Apr 26, 1896

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