Tributes to Mother

New Castle News (New Castle, Pennsylvania) May 13, 1922

Image from the novel, St. Leon by William Godwin – 1835 (google link)


It was a grand day in the old chivalric time. The wine circled around in a noble hall, and the sculptured walls rang with sentiment and song. The lady of each knightly heart was pledged by name, and many a sylable significant of loveliness had been uttered, until it came to St. Leon’s turn, when, lifting the sparkling cup on high:

“I drink to one,” he said,
“Whose image never may depart,
Deep graven on a grateful heart,
Till memory is dead;

“To one whose love for me shall last
When lighter passions long have passed,
So holy ’tis and ture;
To one whose love hath longer dwelt,
More deeply fixed, more keenly felt,
Than any pledged by you.”

Each guest upstarted at the word,
And laid a hand upon his sword,
With fiery flashing eye;
and Stanley said, “We crave the name,
Proud Knight, of this most peerless dame
Whose love you count so high.”

St. Leon paused as if he would
Not breathe her name in careless mood
Thus lightly to another;
Then bent his noble head as though
To give that word the reverence due,
and gently said, “MY MOTHER!”

Cambridge City Tribune (Cambridge City, Indiana) Nov 25, 1869

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